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Schedule a novel activity for your residents that leaves them feeling elated for more then just the afternoon.

Thai Chi is relaxing, craft is cute and a golf day is great for engaging the gents, but what about something for everyone that stirs a little emotion? What about a Portrait Day for your residents and their families to celebrate their lives together.

Imagine the laughter bouncing out of the hairdressing salon as ladies get “glammed up” in preparation for their portraits. Slipping into their favourite outfit alongside the conversation with their carer is all a part of this experience for your residents.

Hearts sing as family arrive to join in the fun, a warm hug, holding hands, cups of tea, the smell of coffee, biscuit crumbs, the joyful chatter of families reuniting.

Feeling treasured, pride, and so very loved is what this experience is all about.

Working with your team I hope to celebrate with your residents by creating beautiful portraits honouring them individually, and their connection to their loves.

This is a special day your residents will remember.  When the order envelopes containing the printed proofs arrive, your residents can relish in remembering those who made life worthwhile.

To delve into the practical, I believe affordability is fundamental and offer basic print packs, digital files, all the way up to flawless family heirlooms ready to hang. Starting prices at $45 compliments my vision that professional photography can be accessible for everyone. There is no “sitting fee” and everyone is invited to participate; singles, couples, those who feel like family, grandchildren or perhaps even their beloved old dog.

With so much more to share I would love to meet and discuss the planning of this memorable day with you.

Please use the below form to contact me to schedule in a time, or call me directly on my mobile. Let’s make it happen.

Retirement & Aged Care Portraits

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