School and Childcare Portrait Photography

Servicing Schools Australia Wide.

Call Catherine for support on: 0402 023 241

Whoever you invite to work on your grounds is representing your establishment, your culture, and your values. You want to align with businesses that share your people-focused values, upholding the cordial atmosphere for the whole community.

We can promise, we are that business and we are your photographers.

Our team members bring their authenticity, a friendly smile, helpful demeanour, and confident experience.

As your personal manager, Catherine brings her flexibility, from scheduling, communication templates, following your lead, however hands-on, or off, you like to be. Catherine brings over twenty years of business leadership to resolve any questions, just refer your families directly us, you won’t be left on your own to troubleshoot.

As your photography team you can count on us to capture your people professionally with grace.

The evolution of School Portrait Art, from Catherine Lowe, Managing Director.

​As a mama to one boy I have a goal similarly shared by all the families I know and that can be summed up in one word; balance.

Photographing schools and childcare centres grants me a balance between my work and home life, whilst really synthesising the two.

My life as a photographer has always been rewarding and exciting, I love people, I love love and I love capturing expressions, pure emotions, and of course those beautiful giggles. But I almost gave up the pleasure of my work because I was struggling to find balance with my family. Working as a photographer involved inconsistent hours, weekends and time away when my little heart needed me the most.

When I was invited to apply as the official photographer at my son’s Steiner School I felt absolutely honoured and thrilled to win the project. Of course, knowing many of the little faces made it all the more fun. Photographing the children the following year I again enjoyed recording how much they had grown.

As a family portrait photographer, I worked my darnedest to evoke those joyful expressions from every single one of those 300 children.

When I received the wonderful feedback I realised I had found my calling.

What I love the most is that my personal philosophy, interests, and growth as a mother complement my work as a school and kindy photographer. I know compassion and a little patience goes a long way, and I delight in talking with little people, their playful zest for life rubs off.

Now, collaborating with warm-hearted photographers and superstar assistants - whose role purely is to bring the fun to the children we photograph, we are thriving and growing the business every year.

Your custom is helping our whole team live our dreams of a balanced life, supporting our families whilst doing what we love.  What a gift.

I truly thank you, from my heart to yours.

M. 0402 023 241

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