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How to Order



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How to Order: ​

Recommended to order on a desktop/laptop computer but still achievable on a mobile device 

- just ensure you navigate the whole page. 

  1. Click on any image in your child's individual Gallery.
  2. Click on ADD TO CART (shopping cart icon) - This will then bring up the pricing/packages options you have.
  3. You can order digital files which are high resolution files, professional prints and packages .
  4. Payment can be made via credit card only.
  5. Please contact if you need further assistance and I can guide you through OR click on link below to fill out a manual order form. 
  6. There is more information below on ordering specific packages.

Ordering for Siblings

Each child has their own photo gallery with unique passcode for each child. See your flyers for both children or contact for codes.

  1. Enter 1 child's gallery first and select your products that you wish to order and add to the cart. * You cannot mix portraits from each gallery into 1 package.
  2. Then view portraits from your other child by clicking on Find a sibling at the top of your first child's main gallery page 
  3. At the checkout you have the special sibling discount of 10% off total cart purchase over $100 - use oldest child's passcode for your discount. 
  4. The portraits of siblings together will be placed into 1 of your children's galleries and may be ordered within a package for 1 child.

Please note: you will only have portraits taken of your children together if you have pre-registered prior to portrait day.​

How to order a Multi Image Pack

  1. Click on your first portrait,  the cart pops up,  select which multi print package you would like to order.
  2. Once you add the package to the cart you can then scroll through the gallery image by image and choose to "ADD PHOTO to the collection" 
  3. Keep choosing image until you get to the required amount for the package eg 4, 6 . 
  4. NB: If you wish to add on options - make sure you do before you add the package to the cart.  

How to Order Digital Files and Digital Packages

  1. Digital files are delivered as soon as you complete the checkout process. Please check your junk/spam mail for the email to download your photos. 
  2. Digital files are always high resolution files printable up to 24 inches longest side. 
  3. You must download your images within 5 days of receiving the link and please back up your images to 2 safe places. 
  4. You can order 1 digital file OR multiple digital file  -which is more economical as discounts apply with 3 plus image packages. 
  5. Click on the first digital image you would like and add a package to the cart - if it's just 1 digital file - just click on the price point of 1 digital file - if you would like multiple ones - click on the appropriate package and then follow prompts to add additional files to the package. 
  6. *** If you cannot work it out (mobile devices are trickier) please fill out a manual order form - link above - and  within 48 hours you will receive an invoice for your order. 

How to Order a CLASS PRINT

  1.  Click on the class-only template in the gallery of images. The product list will drop down to your right, scan down to the PRINTS category.  
  2. Here you will see the Class Only print option. Click on this.
  3. Type in your child's full name and class in the text box and click add to cart.                                                                                                                         Note: Class prints are discounted if selected as an optional add-on in packages. Class prints are not available as digital files and are not to be scanned and shared on social media for the privacy of other students.

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