School and Childcare Portrait Photography

Servicing Schools Australia Wide.

Call Catherine for support on: 0402 023 241

Are you ready to try something different for your school
Class Portrait Day?

Here are some reasons to choose School Portrait Art:

1. Easy private gallery order system!

Parents pay online. No money handling for the school.

No prepaid commitment for families.

After portrait day they access their private passcoded online gallery. 

Here they view and choose their prints or package.

Starting as little as $12 prints, $30 packages.

2. Natural outdoor or studio style individual student portraits

We are known as "the Steiner School photographers" due to our nature-loving work.

Your school setting provides the best location for outdoor environmental class and individual portraits.

Naturally, there are lighting inconsistencies, so for those who prefer unity, we can offer a choice of studio backdrops for students to be photographed.

3. Commitment to joyful co-operation

We provide a photographer and assistant at every schools Portrait Day.

We pride ourselves on working seamlessly with your children and educators to ensure every success.

We work our hardest for those happy expressions from your children.

We also work with the attitude “say it with a smile” and to get along with all of your staff.

4. Product benefits

We provide you with:

* Students individual portraits as digital files for the school ID system.

* Class groups as prints and digital files for the school.

*Discounted prospectus and marketing photography service.

And new booking specials! Ask us what is offered this year. 

Book your School Class Portraits.

Contact us with your location, number of students,
and preferred dates.
P. 0402 023 241

Choose outdoors on campus,
or a studio background:

Various styles and colours are available, from bookshelf to plain or traditional colours.

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